How We Do It

“Every individual matters – human and animal. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.” Jane Goodall

  1. Put resources into residents’ hands. Programs are designed and managed by people who live and work in public housing. They have the knowledge, and right, to prioritize community issues and create innovative solutions. We were smart enough to listen to their ideas.
  2. Personal relationships. Word-of-mouth among public housing residents is critical to changing neighborhoods. There is no need for the typical non-profit outreach when residents are in charge.
  3. Respect. Treat people with dignity.
  4. Respond to community needs. Families have services when they need them throughout the year. Nobody has been turned down for basic healthcare in over 10 years.
  5. Quality veterinary care. Our veterinary partners go through a serious vetting process and show a sincere commitment to our clients. No second-tier services for people or animals from public housing.
  6. A critical mass of responsible pet owners. When neighborhood families are taking care of their pets, they help others do the same.
  7. Accountability. We share our records, funding, salaries, financial data, and outcomes with communities, funders, and nonprofit agencies alike.
  8. Board composition. Only people with personal or professional ties to public housing are qualified to serve on the board.
  9. Long-term funding partnerships. Our funders are the reason why no family has been turned down. It is important to us that our funders know the people who are changing public housing neighborhoods and how they are doing it.
  10. Long-term results. No community can be changed by outsiders.
Rita and Robert leading a walking tour of the neighborhood they changed to make the animals there safe and healthy.
Kennell helping his Columbine Homes neighbors improve the health of their animals.